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Tree planting as a service Plantee aims to offer tree-planting as a service, making it as easy as a click to help grow your business and change the course of carbon removal.
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What we do?

Carbon Neutrality Has Never Been Easier

Our clients are businesses that want to find an easy way to help the environment and showcase these actions to their users. Through the Plantee API or plugins, our customers can easily integrate a tree planting as a service solution, and get other supporting tools (budges, certificates, branded page) in order to attest to their customers that they care about the environment, and attract even more traffic. Our solution requires very low effort to be integrated, making it faster for a business to strive towards carbon neutrality and actively help the environment.

Why Plantee?

The first service in Greece that helps businesses to offset their carbon impact.

It is an easy to use package that provides tangible environmental action, as well as all the tools you could need to promote that action. Tools like; CO2 carbon capture certification, sustainable branding, dedicated page for the businesses’ impact and social media promotional material.

What to expect as a customer?

Tree Planting

We plant trees and complete forests with amazing foundations we vet

Expert Knowledge

Through technology, we know everything about every tree, location and farmer

Complete platform

We offer various ways to integrate tree planting in your business and visualize/promote your impact


We verify the planting of every tree with either physical presence or satellite imaging

Why now?


Employees are looking for employers that think and act sustainably.


Customers and buyers prefer carbon neutral brands and businesses.


Investors continue to shift towards sustainable, future-oriented businesses.


Climate regulatory frameworks will impact the way you conduct business in the future.




Create your own plan that fits your specific company’s needs!

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